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Sworn translations and interpretations

Sworn translation

We translate and swear all types of legal, economic and technical documents, such as titles, certificates, contracts, public deeds, notarial documents, wills and identity documents, among others. All of this, with total guarantee of quality and sworn translation certification. Each translation is stamped and signed by a sworn translator and is valid before the competent authorities.

Sworn interpreting

We interpret in police stations, trials, notary offices, administrations, consulates or any other situation that requires an interpretation valid under the law. Remember to always ask for a sworn interpreter's card to prove that the interpreter you are hiring is an interpreter duly appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sworn Translator No. 7590

A sworn translator has the power to swear translations and interpretations of all kinds so that they are valid before the courts and any public administration. You can find me on the official website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. I will also be happy to provide references from previous work. In my work there is absolute transparency.

Sascha Abazari

I have a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and I am also a Sworn Translator and Interpreter of German appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. I have more than fifteen years of experience in different areas, especially in legal and notarial matters. My clients, both private and corporate, as well as banks, notaries, lawyers, courts, police stations and public administrations appreciate the professionalism and reliability that I bring to each of my projects. Punctuality and accuracy are the maxim of my service.

Sworn Translator

Legal Disclaimer

Official Documents

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Official Validation

Translation and interpretation

Years of experience endorse our work


"I hired Abazari for sworn interpretation in an important legal matter. I am impressed by their professionalism and accuracy. They met deadlines and provided me with high quality service. Without a doubt, they are my number one choice for future interpretations."

marta Lopez

"As the owner of a company that works with international clients, I needed sworn interpreting services on a regular basis. Abazari's Canary Islands Sworn Interpreter has been our reliable partner for years. They always meet our expectations and provide accurate and authenticated interpretations."

Juan Antonio Martinez

"I highly recommend Abazari. Their team of Sworn Interpreters in Tenerife is exceptional. I have used their services in various legal contexts and they have always proven to be experts in their field. Quality and punctuality are their hallmarks. Without a doubt, they are the best choice on the island."

Pedro Garcia

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